Take-Two Responds to Mafia 3 Review Scores, Talks Possibility of More Remasters

"The scores were lower than we would have liked."


In addition to confirming that Grand Theft Auto V had shipped 70 million copies, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick also discussed Mafia III's review scores and remasters during an earnings call today.

On the subject of Mafia III's review scores, Zelnick said scores were lower than what the company hoped for. But at the same time, he remarked that the title is selling very well, noting that it shipped 4.5 million copies in its first week to set a new record for 2K Games.

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"In terms of the reviews and scores, it was sort of an odd anomaly," Zelnick explained. "The scores were lower than we would have liked. But there are a lot of stellar reviews. I think the most prominent reviewers really loved it and recognized that what we're doing here, from the story, art, character, and excitement perspective is really unmatched in the marketplace. So I think we and our competitors are seeing some anomalies in the review system, but we take them as they are and we don't argue with it."

GameSpot's Mafia III review scored the game a 6/10. Check out this roundup of scores to find out what other critics thought about it.

Also during the call, an analyst asked Zelnick for his thoughts on possibly releasing more remasters. Is that something Take-Two would consider, following the launch of BioShock: The Collection?

"Potentially yes," he replied. "Any time we have something that goes well or doesn't go well it definitely informs our decision making, but we don't have anything specific to announce... The good news is we have a rich trove of intellectual property and there are definitely more things that will be brought to the market in the future, but nothing that we would announce on today's call."

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