Take-Two, Nintendo Metacritic's top-ranked 2010 publishers

Review aggregator finds Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2 makers top major labels in gaming for last year; Capcom, Microsoft, EA, Activision also in top 10.


This week, review aggregator Metacritic released its list of highest rated major publishers of 2010. The list was chosen from a field of publishers, which released 15 or more titles this year, and ranked based on four factors. A final score was tallied with a point system that considered the average Metascore of all products released in 2010, the percentage of products with good reviews (Metascore of 75 or higher), percentage of products with bad reviews (Metascore 49 or lower), and number of great titles (Metascore 90 or higher).

Red Dead Redemption helped Take-Two top Metacritic's rankings.
Red Dead Redemption helped Take-Two top Metacritic's rankings.

As a result of this process, the publisher with the top ranking was Take-Two Interactive, which had an average Metascore of 77.1. The high score was thanks to such hits as Red Dead Redemption (95 Metascore) and Sid Meier's Civilization V (90). The publisher's worst-reviewed title was Major League Baseball 2K10, which earned a Metascore of just 52.

In second place was Nintendo with a 76.1 average Metascore. Its best-reviewed title was Super Mario Galaxy 2 (97) and worst was Aquaspace (48). In third was Capcom with an average Metascore of 74.5; its top title was Super Street Fighter IV (92) and worst was Dark Void (57). Fourth place went to Microsoft (73.4 Metascore), and fifth went to Electronic Arts (72.6 Metascore).

Metacritic has more information on its top major publishers of 2010, which are listed below. Metacritic is owned by CBS Interactive, which also owns GameSpot.


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