Take-Two: EA not sole suitor

Grand Theft Auto IV publisher says at least one other company is interested in exploring a merger or acquisition.


Though some analysts view Electronic Arts' attempted acquisition of Take-Two Interactive as a foregone conclusion, the Madden NFL publisher may have some competition in its bid for the house that Grand Theft Auto built. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, Take-Two revealed that since EA went public with its buyout offer on Sunday, other companies have come calling.

"From time to time the company receives, and since the issuance of the press release by EA the company has received, informal indications of interest in a business combination," the filing read. "However, the company has not received any written 'offers' and has not engaged in any substantive discussions with any party (including EA) with respect to a business combination since [February 14, 2008]."

Take-Two didn't name the other parties who might be interested in the company, but a few big names made their feelings on the publisher known earlier this week. Earlier this week, Ubisoft said it wasn't interested in big acquisitions, suggesting its expansion plans called for more licensed activity instead. Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard head Robert Kotick said his own company had looked at Take-Two Interactive as an acquisition target, but in the end decided it wouldn't be a desirable business combination.

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