Take-Two confirms Max Payne 3

CEO Jeffrey Lapin says a third gritty shooter is in the works, but uncertainty surrounds the game's developer.


After Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne was released last autumn, its title sounded eerily prophetic.

Despite critical acclaim, the sequel to Rockstar's popular graphic-novel-inspired shooter barely broke NPD's top 10 best-selling PC games. In February, Jeffrey L. Lapin, CEO of Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, went so far as to blame the publisher's lower-than-expected Q4 2003 earnings on Max Payne 2's lackluster sales.

Today, in Palm Beach, Florida, Lapin echoed those statements. "Max Payne [2] came out in November and did not do as well as we thought," he said. "In fact, it did fairly poorly compared to our expectations."

However, Lapin surprised some by confirming Take-Two's intent to make Max Payne 3. "There'll be another Max Payne," he said in a presentation at the 17th Annual Bear Stearns Media, Entertainment and Information Conference. "I think we'll take a few years to make the next one that much more spectacular is what we have to do. But it's clearly a brand that everybody knows."

Lapin's comments dispelled the clouds of doubt hanging over the third Max Payne game. Though some had seen Take-Two's registration of the URL www.maxpayne3.com as proof the game was coming out, others pointed out that the URL was registered in 2002, long before Max Payne 2 was even released.

While Max Payne 3 is now all but officially announced, confusion has emerged over who is developing the game. While the first two Max Payne games were developed by Finland-based Remedy Games, Lapin made no mention of them in his comments today. Adding to the uncertainty was a post on Shacknews.com from someone claiming to be Mikael Kasurinen, one of Max Payne 2's level designers. "FYI: We are not making Max Payne 3," read the terse post.

Efforts to contact Remedy were unfruitful as of press time. A Rockstar representative contacted by GameSpot said he had no knowledge that plans for Max Payne 3 were underway, let alone who was developing it.

GameSpot will update this story as developments warrant.

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Avatar image for digi_matrix

It's been 8 years! Pachter was right.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

well, we've known for a while that it IS coming! I don't like this new gritty, bald bearded Max. He looks nothing like the Max Payne we know.

Avatar image for tamd

make a pc version superior thats what i want

Avatar image for micheletti

If they do I hope pc isn't an afterthought. MAX 1+2 are a pc classic....just dont ruin it.

Avatar image for Santesyu

Ultra, ultra, ultra, ulllllllllllllllllllllllllllltttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's been 4 years.

Avatar image for pcmacro

Max Payne 2 was an amazing game; if people didn't buy, it wasn't because it wasn't that good; its because there wasn't online so people just pirated the game and once they were done playing it they were done; no need to buy it.

Avatar image for Koal_Jadian

xXRorschachXx, why are you making up lies? Max Payne started on the PC.

Avatar image for xXRorschachXx

why would it be 360 only? started on the PS2 anyway.

Avatar image for hazzpro

shishio817: "I really, REALLY, need them to make Max Payne 3, only make it for the 360." ARE YOU FRIIKIN CRAZY!

Avatar image for bigd575

I can wait.

Avatar image for deactivated-5925dfb1d1fe6

I really, REALLY, need them to make Max Payne 3, only make it for the 360. The original is one of the best games I've ever played.

Avatar image for chad28_69

do you think it will come to ps2 or ps3? But better then adaptation, this time.

Avatar image for antonisole

Remedy. You have to make this game at all cost. Max Payne is my second favorite franchise ( Resident evil is my favorite )

Avatar image for zaptoman

Oh please let it be true! Don't tease me!

Avatar image for HolteEnder4Life

no console version? im really disappointed

Avatar image for Proman84

Remedy! Please be done by Remedy! They are the only ones who can do it justice!

Avatar image for justin315

oh yeah! i love max payne! hopefully they would port this to all the of the next gen consoles =D it was dis heartening that they canceled the project, but thank god that its back!

Avatar image for abnormalka

i want the maxpayne 3.....why they cancelled it!!!!! i really embarassed!!!

Avatar image for gnomecraps

Let it come out tomorrow, and out of its discreet shadows. Remedy made it in to its fortune, and remedy is paramount to it's gritty prevalence.

Avatar image for potmichael

i wish i woulda bought a 1000 copies of max payne 2 jsut to help em out for making such a kick ass game! seriously that games rag doll physics are still top notch in 07... please make a max payne 3 game for the next gen..

Avatar image for aygol

Oh I wish Max Payne 3 was in production...

Avatar image for sirdanrhodes

Read Max Payne 2 news, you will see that there will be a new red revolver game(or something about that) and max payne 3. Go check it out!

Avatar image for Olaoye_tw

I cant belive there is no Max Payne 3! Its one of the best action games! I agree with Arab-man; It should actually take a step in next gen gaming. Remedy, 'sup with u?

Avatar image for Da_Bacon_master

It says its been canceled :(

Avatar image for lilburtonboy748

thiswould be my most anticipated game....ever.

Avatar image for davidl3631

I really hope a max payne 3 does come out as the first two games where great!

Avatar image for rckljohnson

Lets just hope they're delaying for the reason that they want people to really want to buy the game whenever it comes out.

Avatar image for Arab-man666

Good lord, start this series up, and take it to next Gen. Rockstar, comon.

Avatar image for zerapup

So whats up with Max Payne 3? One of my favorite series btw

Avatar image for norton158

They should make Max Payne 3... there are much buyers! Try doing it for a console then, if they dont like it after all on pc because of bootleg.

Avatar image for marioman50

Wahhh!!, I need you, max!!

Avatar image for g3n3r41xan

I'm very saddened too. I really was hoping they would make the third one. I like many other games but Max Payne series has really addicted me. I love 1 and 2 so much that... that... I don't know what ill do without them. I hope somehow they make the third one.

Avatar image for fearNot35432

What? It Is Canceled? I Will Know The Reason:Just Because Remedy Ent. Is Trying To Develop A Game For Windows Vista

Avatar image for Vol_Djin

let's turn our eyes to remedy's latest project: "Alan Wake"! if they canceled Max Payne 3 for this, this...Silent Hill-ish non-sense made with those Microsoft bastards...........

Avatar image for rockstarrem

Confirmed and cancelled? I don't get it. I know this article is like 3 years old but still... is it really cancelled?

Avatar image for dukerav

Coincidently I was cleaning out my closet that has a small box full of old console and PC games and came upon this, believe it or not I had forgotten I even had MP 1 & 2. Im currently in the process of playing back through both of them, and enjoying it. I realize this article is a few years old, but I like others would also love to see a part three or even a prequel. Also as someone else stated earlier, one possible reason, and maybe not the whole reason for lackluster sales, could be pirated copies, it makes sense, and its a total shame if thats the reason behind the sales. Here's to hoping that Take Two or someone at least drops a bombshell and officially announces this as coming out, Id rather see this than Duke Nukem Forever.

Avatar image for number1wwefan

Please make this game. I absolutely fell in love with the first rendition when "X-Box" had first came out. At first, I hated that console, but that was until I played this and "Halo"! I didn't really like the second installment, but if they revamp the story and make it completely dark for the next episode, I'd be down for that. Hell, as a writer, I wouldnn't mind to help "Sam Lake" with the story. I think that I could have some considerable ideas for a mixture of plots. Although, they may not be as brilliant as "Sam Lake's", I'd give a go at it. I think that this will almost definitely come into fruition once the movie is gotten done with. Until then, I will be waiting patiently as a die-hard fan. So, "Take-Two Interactive", please look at my post if you happen to stop by and "take-two" looks at this post before considering to overlook it. Believe me, you won't regret it.....

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I never been seen max payne 3.

Avatar image for hscs

Max Payne 3 is delaying to much to be released, I see it was confirmed since 2004 and until now nothing is pronunciated, I think and hope the game come with the support of DirectX10 and the new graphic series (GeForce 8xxx) of Nvidia.

Avatar image for Teddy2227

max payne 1 was awesome with it's eerie storyline and its great gameplay. max payne 2 was alright, but lets not change the company's state of thought with our comments. lets let them concentrate on max payne 3, guys your doing a great job keep going

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I hope the actually come out with this. I loved the other two. I also hope they come out with the movie they promised in the case of max payne 1

Avatar image for lil_d_mack_314

MP1 is like my favorite game i would love to see this game come out, and like Blaklyon said i hope it doesnt end up like Duke Nukem

Avatar image for TheBlaklyon

I heard that the game was canceled but, I hope and pray that it doesn't end up like duke nukem...

Avatar image for ForlornHope

awesome this is a fantastic series. I really hope it doesn't get stuck in dev hell...

Avatar image for Sahfire

Sometimes I really wish to stop people from downloading games, instead of buying them. Max Payne 2 is one game many have, but not payed for.

Avatar image for pizzamanopenup

"FYI: We are not making Max Payne 3," Maybe it's a prequel?

Avatar image for gtafan007

where are the pics man?This article is soooo old. It seems that the new Remedy game is a sort of 'spiritual successor' to MP 2.

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i wan maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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