Take-Two CEO Expects New Console Generation, But Won't Comment on Mid-Cycle Rumors

"Can't comment on those rumors; does it matter? No."


Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick believes there will be at least one more console cycle, while he won't be drawn in to the rumors around incremental PS4 and Xbox One upgrades.

"Do I expect there will be another iteration of hardware? I do. Do I think that will be good for us? I do. If it doesn't happen, will it be bad for us? No," he said today during a speaking event at the Cowen and Company Technology, Media & Telecom Conference.

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Also during his talk, Zelnick said the uptake for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been "wonderful." He estimated there are around 60 million combined systems out there today, and also cited an IDG projection that the install base could reach 115 million by 2019.

Zelnick was also asked to comment on the ongoing rumors about new PS4 and Xbox One consoles. "Can't comment on those rumors; does it matter? No," he said.

Sony is rumored to be working on a more powerful PS4 codenamed Neo, while a new Xbox One model, Scorpio, is believed to be four times as powerful as the existing system. If official announcements are coming, we could hear about these, or others, at E3 later this month.

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This is going to be an interesting year at E3 to say the very least.

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I think they should be like the phones that come out every year with updates and improvements.

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Not even released a proper title yet on PS4/Xbox1 and talking about next generation already... GTAV doesn't count and Mafia 3 isn't out yet.

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it hardly ever bad on the big companies... its the consumer that its bad on...

Also, why would they stop releasing consoles.. its a profitable business if you play your cards right...

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I'm sure they are clearly in the know on everything.

I expect them to announce something soon too

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--who will truly benefit is nintendo
--they will fall RIGHT IN LINE (with NX)
--able to save wiiU off as a 'marked down' 8th generation that still has usefulness(vs the COMPELTELY useless current ps4/xb1)

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@TheZeroPercent: Seriously these new consoles are really being launched out of fear of NX. I can understand Sony's and Microsoft's concern. NX would easily beat both their current consoles. Similar to Gamecube being more powerful than Xbox and PS2.

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@Redsyrup: Noooo they are not.. No company fears what Nintendo has to offer in terms of home console, because they sure as hell know after year 1 most 3rd parties will jump ship... and leave Nintendo mostly to support there system alone again...

Like it or not, no matter how powerful Nintendo next system is it won't woo 3rd parties to stay beyond one year.. Nintendo console buyers mostly only purchase the system only to buy Nintendo games on it, the proof is in the software sales.

Games won't put them back on top and neither a powerful console will, Nintendo sees and know this, so that why they play safe (powerwise) and turn a profit off there consoles within 3-6 months. They figure as much if we make money off console and games quickly, they'll stay profitable and in the console business for long, despite being 3rd going forward..

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--i dont know if you are just a nintendo fanatic or whatever you wanna call yourself(if you are)
--NX is actually probably gonna be about as popular as the steam machines are(if the market stays the same)
--if a new(more powerful) console drops from xb1/ps4(one that leaves the original ps4/xb1 useless)
--nintendo would benefit from still having wiiU being VERY desirable(at a lower price) in comparison to the other 2
--giving wiiU almost a '2nd wind'(while ps4/xb1 become stale bread)

--we all know that for NX to truly compete in 8th gen
--it MUST be MUCH MORE powerful than not only the current ps4/xb1
--but also if there is a new ps4.5/xb1.5
--it would also need more strength than those newer consoles(for multiplats and multiplayer comunications)
--it just is not nintendo's M/O
--they ALWAYS drop weaker consoles(with WRETCHED MP function)
--even sometimes keeping their consoles the same engine as the last generation(wii)
--and they tend to shun 3rd party developers(which is really one of their biggest failings since 5th gen)

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@TheZeroPercent: power isn't Nintendo problem... Nintendo fans and Nintendo the company IS the problem, they can make the most powerful system and guess what.. Most only Nintendo game will sell on it and thats the Nintendo fans mentality since the N64... Only buy Nintendo systems to purchase Nintendo games..

When a 3rd party see this why would they include Nintendo in multi-platform releases.. Most gamers nowadays buy 2 system, and the 2nd purchase is normally a Nintendo system because they can't get those games on other system..

Why make a very powerful system if

1) you can't make a profit off it within 1yr or less

2) beyond year one there's a very high chance of shady 3rd party support, not because of power but because of sales potential..

3) most only purchase your system to support your games

4) console power war is NEVER good. it can run you close to bankrupt if you fail (cough ps3)

5) ....repeat #2 over and over

...The wii sold more than the ps3 & 360 and what did that do for 3rd party software... hardly any sold over a mil copies, while most Nintendo release crossed 1mil within a month...

Nintendo isn't doom, far from it because unlike Sega... Nintendo remains profitable and that's the first rule of very business

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--in this modern market
--a home console has to be powerful enough to run the multi-plats
--exclusives are great(and tons of fun)
--but exclusives don't keep home consoles in business these days
--online user bases do

--sales of hardware and games used to be the 'only' factor
--and it is still extremely important
--but a home console has to have a dedicated base of online users also

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I would be happy if Sony and Microsoft don't say a word about any new console this E3. I want to think that at least I got to enjoy the console that I've spent my hard earned money on for another year before it becomes an obsolete piece of crap that developers won't even waste time to optimize for anymore.

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The GameStop CEO has confirmed it. He has said multiple times now that there will be new consoles because companies have to tell him about it so he can include them into his projections. Granted, I'm still thinking in terms of Slims here, not new generations. The Scorpio sounds like a new generation with that new Polaris card.

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I bet. They haven't actually put anything out on the current gen yet that I can think of. They've only re-released GTAV (if that even counts).

Does he like to ask rhetorical questions that he follows up with an answer? Yes.

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@cornbredx: i was thinking the same. It's pretty ironic, besided GTAV remaster they haven't even launched any games yet.

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"Can I stop asking myself questions? No."

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@videodrome463: He learned that trick from Zootopia.