Take a Look at Smite's New Halloween Arena Map

Denton takes a tour of the spooky map.


Hi-Rez Studios today released a video showcasing the new, Halloween-themed Arena map it's releasing for Smite to celebrate the holiday this year.

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We'd already seen a few screenshots of the map, but this offers a more comprehensive look at the redesign. Denton, the cyclops who is routinely abused in the post-game celebration screens, tours the map before bumping into a number of characters wearing their most Halloween-esque skins (like Chaac's Slaughterhouse and Thanatos's Jack the Reaper).

This is still the same map--things are laid out the same and games will play out no differently--but with a Halloween twist. The crowd is gone, minions are now zombies, statues are wearing pumpkins masks, and so on.

If you're a PC player, the map is already live. Those on Xbox One will have to continue to wait; patches are typically released on console about a month later, and this one only arrived on PC this week. Hi-Rez has already confirmed with GameSpot that the plan is to get the Xbox One patch out before the end of month, so players should get to enjoy this map before Halloween is over.

This next patch also introduces a new character, Sol, as well as tutorial updates and the usual balance changes. You can read more details about everything it does here.

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