Take A First Look At DC Comics' Mysterious Event Leviathan

Leviathan believes there is a better way


Legendary creators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are teaming up for the first time at DC Comics with a six-part mystery thriller event called Event Leviathan this June--and it's already shaping up to be an ominous affair. Take a look at these promotional posters highlighting each of the characters caught in Leviathan's web, from Batman and Batgirl to Plastic Man and Lois Lane.

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"You have tried everything," Leviathan's message reads. "The world needs us to do better."

Likened more to Agatha Christie novels than typical superhero bombast, Bendis teased the event in an interview with GameSpot at DC's Burbank offices late last month.

"[By the end of the story] Leviathan will have risen and what it is and what they've done will have landed," Bendis said. "And so there are a lot of pieces that are going to shift and a lot of heroes are going to have a kind of a new purpose--like a new motivation, because the enemy will have revealed itself. He's not selling villainy and he's not selling antagonism. There are heroes and there are villains and then there's this other thing right now. And that other thing isn't playing by the rules dictated by the rules of the genre. That's going to mess up a lot of people's heads."

While Event Leviathan itself is a self-contained six-issue series, it's being supported by various specials and one-shot issues, like the preview in last month's Year Of The Villain kick-off special and next week's upcoming Superman: Leviathan Rising special by Bendis and artist Yanick Paquette.

Take your first look at the Leviathan Rising special here.

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Superman: Leviathan Rising hits shelves on May 29 while Event Leviathan #1 arrives June 12, everywhere comics are sold.

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