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Take 2's Take

Here's a partial list of the BMG titles acquired last week by Take 2 Interactive.


Last week, Take 2 Interactive Software announced that it signed an agreement to secure all assets of BMG Interactive in which Take 2 would gain distribution, publishing, and sequel rights to several BMG games.

Today, Take 2 issued a partial list of the games acquired in the agreement (including title, platform, and expected release date):

Grand Theft Auto (PSX) April 1998Spec Ops (PC) May 1998World Cup Soccer/working title (PC) May 1998World Cup Soccer/working title (PSX) May 1998Spearhead (PC) June 1998Silicon Valley (N64) October 1998Monkey Hero (PSX) November 1998Monkey Hero (PC) November 1998Spec Ops (PSX) November 1998

Take 2 has sole European distribution rights to the following titles:One (PSX) April 1998Gex: Enter the Gecko (PSX) April 1998Three Lions (PSX) April 1998Three Lions (PC) April 1998You Don't Know Jack/sequel (PC) June 1998

Take 2 Interactive Software plans to announce additional titles at the upcoming Atlanta E3 show held in May.

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