Taito announces Tokyo Game Show lineup

Six PlayStation 2 and one Xbox game will be on display at the Japanese expo.


Ultra Bust-A-Move
Graffiti Kingdom

TOKYO--Taito has unveiled its lineup of game titles that will be exhibited at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, which is taking place in Japan September 24 to 26.

Playable demos that will be featured at the show will include the Xbox port of Puzzle Bubble, which features online play with Xbox Live, two shooting-game collections from Psikyo, and the sequel to the odd doodle-rendering 3D game, Rakugaki Kingdom (called Magic Pengel in the US). Taito’s announced lineup for the Tokyo Game Show is as follows:

PlayStation 2
Rakugaki Oukoku: Maou-jou no Tatakai (Magic Pengel 2)
Psikyo Shooting Collection Volume 2: Sengoku Ace & Sengoku Blade
Psikyo Shooting Collection Volume 3: Sol Divide & Dragon Blaze
Kyoushuu Kikoubutai Kougeki Helicopter Senki
Usagi Yasei no Topai: The Arcade - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen (video only)

Ultra Puzzle Bobble Online (Ultra Bust-a-Move)

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