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Taipei Assassins win League of Legends Season 2 championships

Taiwanese team beats out Korean team Azubu Frost to claim the $1 million prize money.


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The winning team for the multi-million dollar League of Legends Season 2 championship finals has been decided: the Taipei Assassins.

Taipei Assassins are on the left, Azubu Frost are on the right.
Taipei Assassins are on the left, Azubu Frost are on the right.

The Taiwanese team defeated Korean team Azubu Frost, earning them the title of Season 2 world champions and $1 million in prize money in a bout of four matches. Azubu Frost won the first game before they lost the remaining three matches.

The final match between the two teams was using a LAN client that developer Riot Games made for the MOBA title. Azubu Frost was fined $30,000 by Riot Games for unsportsmanlike conduct during the Season 2 playoffs.

The tournament was held at the Galen Center Arena at the University of Southern California. The event's 10,000 seats were sold out, and more than 900,000 tuned in to the live stream of the finals. For a replay of the finals, check out the link.

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