Taeja wins his 4th DreamHack tournament

No one in the history of Starcraft 2 has managed to win four DreamHacks, until the King of $10,000 tournaments strolled in and made it happen in a spectacular fashion.


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Coming off a win in HomeStory Cup IX, Yun Young Seo, better known as TaeJa, has managed to do what nobody did before: he took his 4th DreamHack scalp by winning DH Summer without dropping a single map. He finished the event with an unbelievable 17:0 score, taking his teammate Liquid HerO down in the Grand Finals. Although he is only 19 years old, TaeJa has often been referred to as the King of $10,000 tournaments, showing yet again why he is worthy of wearing that nickname. It all started with DH Valencia in 2012 where he beat MC for his second $10,000 title. He then proceeded to close out 2013 DreamHack series by taking the crown in both DH Bucharest and DH Winter.

TaeJa won the title of the best StarCraft 2 player in the world last year - and he definitely deserved it as nobody came even close to the number of titles he had piled up. Although still very young, he has mulled over retirement due to a wrist condition. The news about his retirement broke out in late 2013, which he dismissed in an interview with Team Liquid. However, he tweeted about retirement again in March this year leaving his decision undisclosed until further notice.

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