Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis ships to retailers

The strategic RPG for the Game Boy Advance hits store shelves.


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Atlus has announced that it has shipped its strategic RPG, Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis for the Game Boy Advance, to retailers. The fourth installment in the franchise to be released in North America, Tactics Ogre asks you to take up the role of Alphonse, a knight who must investigate a corrupt government. The game includes more than 40 hours of gameplay with multiple endings, head-to-head multiplayer modes, and an alternate quest mode where secret items and weapons can be found. There's also an exchange mode that lets you trade spell books, items, and characters with friends.

"With its already rich heritage, engaging storyline, and engrossing gameplay, Tactics Ogre will be the strategy game to own on the Game Boy Advance this year," said Yu Namba, project leader at Atlus.

Rated E for everyone, Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis will retail for $39.99.

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