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GameSpot recently talked to Rafael Curulla, producer of MicroProse's upcoming team-based action game, Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. Curulla explained the history of Tactical Ops, which originated as a mod for Unreal Tournament, and talked about how the retail game will differ from the free downloadable version.

GameSpot: How did Tactical Ops become a retail product?

Rafael Curulla: Originally, Tactical Ops was an Unreal Tournament mod. We have been keeping an eye on Tactical Ops and playing the mod for over a year and we watched as the Tactical Ops team continued to improve the quality of the game. After talking to the team and conducting a more detailed evaluation of the game, we decided it would be great to make it into a retail product.

GS: How long has Tactical Ops been in development?

RC: The mod has been in development for more than a year. Specific work on the retail version has been in underway for almost three months.

GS: How is the game different from Half-Life: Counter-Strike?

RC: Counter-Strike and Tactical Ops are both great games. The most obvious difference between these two games is the technology. Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror takes advantage of the fantastic capabilities of the Unreal engine. The two games have other differences as well, but it is safe to say that if you like Counter-Strike, you will really appreciate and enjoy Tactical Ops.

GS: What specific changes and improvements are being made to the retail version of the game?

RC: The retail version will have an overall improved quality and many unique additions, such as new weapons, new skins, new player models, new maps, new textures, and improved animations. And of course the majority of bugs will be fixed. There will also be a new HUD, scoreboard, and scoring system. All this will be added without losing the original feel of the mod.

GS: What kinds of new levels will be included in the retail game?

RC: We are including a number of new and exciting levels. The team has taken its experience in making and playing great levels in the mod and has put it to use making even better maps for the retail version. These levels are dynamic with many places to hide and multiple paths to the objectives.

GS: Do you have any concern over how this game will be received, considering the terrorist events that took place last year in the US?

RC: We are all sensitive to concerns about the recent terrorist attacks and have taken that into account in the development of Tactical Ops.

GS: What will the game's single-player campaign involve?

RC: In the single player mode, you will play against bots--much like in UT. However, an interesting twist is that you will be able to create your own unique experience. But the game will build on UT: if you want to play a squad-based game, you will be able to give orders to the bots and they will follow them. But if you want the bots to freelance, you can play for yourself. Players will be able to choose what type of game they want to experience.

GS: What parts of the game is the team working on right now?

RC: The team is currently working on making Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror a stand-alone product. Players won't need to have Unreal Tournament to play this game. They are also working on new maps, new skins and new models. As for the new animation, it is going to be implemented very soon. In addition, we are testing the game and fixing bugs.

GS: The announcement said the game was scheduled for release this spring. Do you have a more specific target date?

RC: Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror will be out this spring... all I can say is that does not mean summer. It's not that long... believe me.

GS: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

RC: I would just like to clarify that the mod and the retail version will be fully compatible from the day of the release. They will share the same servers and the same patches. The retail version will have the unique and exclusive maps and skins, however. And yes, the mod will still be free.

GS: Thanks for your time, Rafael.

For more information about Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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