Tactical military shooter Arma 3 getting "major" expansion in late 2015

"We're at a stage of development where we want to take some risks, experiment, and innovate," developer says.

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Tactical military shooter Arma 3 will receive a "major" expansion in late 2015, developer Bohemia Interactive announced today as part of a lengthy blog post addressing where the game is headed in the future.

"Pencilled in for late 2015 (and with a lot of work ahead of us!) we're not quite ready to reveal too many precise details about the Arma 3 expansion," creative director Jay Crowe and project lead Joris-Jan van 't Land said. "We're at a stage of development where we want to take some risks, experiment, and innovate!"

"With that in mind, the exact scope of our work will, for now, stay dark and will remain so until we're a bit more confident about what we can truly deliver," the studio added.

This mystery Arma 3 expansion is still in pre-production, Bohemia says. It is likely to include a "range of new sandbox content," as well as a new terrain that is said to offer a "distinctive feeling and gameplay." No other details are available right now.

In addition to the new expansion, Bohemia's Arma 3 "Roadmap 2014/15" includes:

  • Extending the Steam Workshop implementation to support mods.
  • Releasing the Bootcamp update -- Free update will give newcomers a "varied" introduction to the game, while veteran players will find refinements of certain original features.
  • Adding more DLC -- These packages will focus on new sandbox assets, missions, and features. New features will be free, but actual game content will be paid.
  • First DLC is Arma 3 Helicopters - Scheduled for release in second half of 2014. Adds new transport helicopters and new game mechanics.
  • Next DLC is Arma 3 Marksmen -- Adds new weapons and overhauls certain shooting mechanics.

You can read the full Arma 3 "Roadmap 2014/15" blog post at Bohemia's website.

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