Taco Bell offers tacos for life for a PS3

Beans, cheese, tortilla hawker willing to exchange one of Sony's in-demand consoles for $12k worth of tacos; PS3 will be donated to charity.


Several gamers waiting in line over the weekend for a PlayStation 3 hoped to make thousands of dollars by reselling the console to those willing to pay extraordinary prices. One gamer, however, is guaranteed to make $12,500... though not in American currency. Taco Bell, the Chihuahua-led Mexican fast-food dealer, is offering $12,500 in Taco Bell bucks (which the chain considers a lifetime supply) to the first gamer willing to part with a new PS3. Taco Bell isn't going to get its frijole-covered hands on the console; the chain is being donated to a Boys & Girls Club teen center. To donate a system in exchange for muchos tacos, send an e-mail to tacobellnews@tacobell.com. The first to respond and send off a PS3 will win.

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