System Shock Remake Shown In New Trailer

The System Shock remake from Nightdive studios made an appearance at the PC Gamer Show, along with the original's producer, Warren Spector.


Nightdive studio has been working on its remake of the landmark 1994 immersive sim System Shock for some time and today during the PC Gamer Show we got a thorough look at it.

The trailer showed lots of gameplay and featured voice-over from the game's antagonist, SHODAN. The big and most noticeable element of the remake are its vastly improved visuals. The trailer showed footage from outside the Citadel space station, gunplay, an assortment of enemies, different locations on the station, as well as a little bit of cyberspace.

Warren Spector also called into the show to discuss the game. Spector is known predominantly as the director of the original Deus Ex, as well as the creator of the Epic Mickey series. Spector was a producer on the original System Shock and spoke about the the improved visuals of the remake. Spector said of the original game, "We did the best we could," and "It was pretty primitive back then." He also called out how cluttered the original game's user interface was lamenting the fact that when you started the original game, it presented you with a screen full of text. Spector also said, "SHODAN far too close to reality right now," but was hopeful that System Shock remains fiction, even in the year 2022.

Nightdive did not offer a release date for the remake, but a demo for the game is available on Steam.

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