Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow heading to PS2

Sony's Bend Studio bringing updated edition of acclaimed 2007 PSP espionage shooter to legacy console on June 1.


Sony scored substantial critical success with Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror on the PSP in 2006, bringing the espionage action series back to the kind of glory only enjoyed by the franchise's maiden installment. The publisher was less successful bringing that game to the PlayStation 2 in 2007 but enjoyed follow-up success with Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow on the PSP later that year.

Logan's Shadow is coming to the PS2 next month.
Logan's Shadow is coming to the PS2 next month.

Now, Sony plans to try to once again duplicate Syphon Filter's PSP success on the PS2, this time with Logan's Shadow. The publisher announced today that it will be bringing an updated version of the game to the PS2 on June 1. Bend Studio, which has handled the series since Syphon Filter 3 and also crafted Resistance: Retribution for the PSP, has been tasked with development duties on the game.

Logan's Shadow picks back up with series protagonist Gabe Logan, who must once again thwart a future terrorist organization from wreaking havoc across the globe. The game features a storyline from Atticus Kodiak author Greg Rucka and a soundtrack from 300 composer Azam Ali.

For its PS2 release, Bend has added a new control scheme designed to make aiming and cover mechanics easier to use. The studio has also retuned the game to accommodate the new control scheme, as well as up-rezed the game's textures and visual effects.

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