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Syndicate reboot 'didn't pay off, didn't work' - EA

EA boss says nature of resurrecting old IP is "some stuff works some stuff doesn't," still interested in bringing back franchises for next gen.


Despite Starbreeze Studios' first-person shooter Syndicate notching positive critical plaudits, the game "didn't pay off" and "didn't work," according to EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau. Speaking to CVG, the executive explained that this result was not entirely unexpected.

Syndicate was a bust, EA says.
Syndicate was a bust, EA says.

"That's the nature of the business; some stuff works, some stuff doesn't," he said.

Syndicate launched in February and failed to crack the NPD's top-10 software sales list for North America during its launch month.

Speaking about SSX--another recent reboot--Gibeau signaled that this game had a "very successful launch," and teased a sequel or downloadable content, saying, "You'll probably see more in the future." A recent job listing at developer EA Canada indicates the Burnaby, British Columbia, shop is moving forward with a next-generation action shooter.

Gibeau further explained that EA has "numerous brands" that he finds worthy of making a comeback. He did not say what any of these properties were, but said it's possible these franchises could be reborn on next-generation platforms.

Syndicate and SSX are not the only recent reboots at EA. A new SimCity game is due out for the PC and Mac in February 2013 and will be the first new core entry in the franchise in seven years. It will run on a new GlassBox game engine, which will allow developer Maxis to introduce curved roads to the franchise. The game will also be fully 3D, a first for the series.

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