Sylvester Stallone Wrote A Rocky TV Show Idea And Then Went Fishing

Stallone has an idea for a Rocky TV show that would focus on a young Rocky.


Actor Sylvester Stallone has written a treatment for a Rocky Balboa TV show. The actor revealed this on Instagram, saying he woke up on Monday morning and decided to write a treatment for a Rocky prequel TV show, and then he went fishing.

The show would be 10 episodes, as Stallone envisions it. He said it would "really get to the heart of the characters in their younger years." Stallone went on to say he believes the Rocky show could work at a streaming company.

Based on what he's written in the treatment--which is the Hollywood term for a pitch document--Stallone said the Rocky show might take place in the 1960s when Rocky was a 17-year-old. Amid the major events of the time--like the Civil Rights movement, the Moon landing, and Vietnam War--Robert "Rocky" Balboa was living a normal, plain life, Stallone wrote.

The document doesn't get into the specifics of storylines or anything like that, but many might agree that learning more about a young Rocky could be an interesting story to tell.

To clear his head, Stallone went fishing after putting pen to paper on the Rocky script. "Talk about extremes!" he said. "Keep punching, my friends."

While we wait for more news on the Rocky TV show, should it materialize, Stallone is keeping busy with film projects. His latest is The Suicide Squad, in which voices King Shark.

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