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Sylpheed confirmed for US

Space shooter for Xbox 360 making its way across the Pacific this summer via Microsoft; Vampire Rain also confirmed for summer release.


Intense space action.
Intense space action.

Late last month, online retailers EB Games and GameStop posted a listing for Project Silpheed, an Xbox 360 shooter previously released by Square Enix in Japan. Unfortunately, it looks like EB and GameStop got it wrong...about the spelling that is.

Project Sylpheed, as it is also known abroad, will be coming to the US this summer, Microsoft confirmed today. Developed by Japanese game studios Game Arts and Seta Corporation, the game will be published domestically by Microsoft Game Studios. The shooter is a 3D update of the arcade game Silpheed and features more than 50 minutes of CG cutscenes.

In addition to confirming Project Sylpheed for the US, Microsoft also confirmed that another Japanese-developed Xbox 360 game, Vampire Rain, will also be available this summer. Vampire Rain is a stealth-based shooter featuring a special agent hunting down creatures of the night on the West Coast of the United States.

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