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Syfy Developing Gritty Peter Pan Sequel

Who's going to play Rufio?


It's been almost 30 years since Hook, the Peter Pan follow-up that saw an adult Pan return to Neverland, hit theaters. Now, Syfy has announced at the TCA winter press tour that it is putting its own twist on the idea with The League of Pan, a limited series being developed. Unlike Hook, though, League of Pan isn't aiming for the type of comedy Robin Williams brought to the role of Peter Pan.

Instead, Syfy calls The League of Pan"a thrilling and mysterious continuation of the beloved story of Peter Pan." A series description reads, "The League of Pan picks up with the fabled characters after ten years on the mainland. Now grown up and estranged, Wendy Darling and The Lost Boys must return to Neverland to face a new evil that threatens the very existence of the magical place they once called home, reigniting bitter rivalries and unearthing twisted secrets from their past. The fantastical series explores the painful truths of growing up and the realization that 'going home' is never quite as simple as you think."

In a statement, NBC Entertainment president of original content Bill McGoldrick said of the series, "The stories of Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, and the Darlings have provided us with epic tales of gallantries and escapism for generations. Now, SYFY is developing an original take on the classic, setting the limited series in uncharted lands, making for new adventures and showcasing these characters like you've never seen them before."

Following up with the Lost Boys a decade after leaving Neverland for the real world could prove to be an interesting idea, especially once they return and are likely confronted once again with the likes of Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and other iconic characters fans of the Peter Pan story remember fondly.

The League of Pan will by written and produced by Brian McCauley Johnson, whose previous credits include the shows Dominion, The Bridge, and Switched at Birth. Given this is only a development order, there's no telling when or if The League of Pan will see the light of day. However, Syfy's other big news of the day is that its Child's Play continuation--Don Mancini's Chucky--has been ordered to series.

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