Syberia unveiled

Microids reveals its upcoming 3D adventure game coming this summer from the creator of Amerzone.


Microids has announced Syberia, its upcoming adventure game. The game will let players assume the role of Kathe Walker, a lawyer from New York who is hired by a toy company to complete the acquisition of an automaton factory located in a mysterious European village.

When Walker arrives in the village, she finds that the owner of the factory, Anna Voralberg, has died. Walker must locate Hans, the heir to Voralberg's estate, in order to complete her mission. Players must use logic and deduction in order to figure out where Hans has gone. Their journey will take them through a series of locations ranging from an industrial town with underground mines to a seaside resort on the shore of a disappeared sea.

Syberia will feature a wide variety of puzzles, prerendered environments, and detailed characters. We've posted some early screenshots and concept art from the game in the gallery above. Syberia is in development at Microids' Montreal studio in conjunction with author Benoît Sokal, the creator of Amerzone, and it is scheduled for release in May.

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