Syberia II comes in from the cold

Microids sends its PC adventure on a quest for retail gold.


Today, French-Canadian developer and publisher Microids announced it has shipped Syberia II, the sequel to the acclaimed 2002 adventure game, in North America. Although an Xbox version is due later this year (and Europeans will get a PS2 edition), the game is currently only available for the PC. It is rated "T" for Teen and retails for $29.99. Publisher XS Games is distributing the title, which was pushed back from its March 19 release by a last-minute delay.

Syberia II picks up where its predecessor left off by following executive-turned-adventurer Kate Walker as she searches a wintry Russian town for clues about Syberia, a mystical land populated by woolly mammoths. Along the way, she reunites with Oscar, the persnickety robot, and Hans Voralberg, the sexagenarian eccentric who convinced Kate to start her search in the original game. For more information on Syberia, check out GameSpot's full review.

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