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Swordfighting Game For Honor Does Have a Single-Player Campaign

Ubisoft confirms the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game isn't multiplayer-only.


While the particulars remain unknown, Ubisoft's upcoming swordfighting game For Honor does have a single-player campaign, developer Ubisoft Montreal has confirmed.

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"One of the big questions we receive is about a solo campaign," said producer Stephane Cardin in a recent Ubisoft-produced video. "We said that we will have a single[-player] campaign, and I can promise you that we will have a solo campaign."

Ubisoft isn't ready to show it off or discuss it just yet, though work on it is underway.

"It's one of the key subjects we're working on on the floor," Cardin continued. "I can't wait to show stuff to you guys and we'll do it as early as possible like we did with the multiplayer."

For Honor was unveiled at last year's E3, at which time it appeared to be a multiplayer-centric game. That might still prove to be the case, but you apparently won't have to play the game with other people.

For Honor is due out later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can read our impressions from E3 here.

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