Sword Coast Legends Dev Shuts Down, But Xbox One and PS4 Versions Still Coming

n-Space has closed its doors after 21 years.


Orlando-based independent developer n-Space, which most recently co-developed Dungeons & Dragons game Sword Coast Legends, has closed its doors after 21 years of operation. D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast confirmed the studio's closure in a statement to VentureBeat this week.

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With n-Space closed, it appears that Digital Extremes, which published Sword Coast Legend's PC edition, will be responsible for the game's upcoming Rage of Demons expansion.

"Yes, n-Space is shutting down, and we are super-sad about it," the representative said. "We are proud of everything they did in bringing Sword Coast Legends to D&D fans, and we sincerely hope everyone at n-Space lands on their feet," the representative said.

As for the fate of Sword Coast Legends going forward, the Wizards of the Coast spokesperson said "it is unclear at this time, but we are working with Digital Extremes to make sure everyone has the best possible experience with the game."

"Right now, we believe the Rage of Demons DLC will be released for PC, but we are confirming with Digital Extremes," it added.

As for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Sword Coast Legends, the Wizards of the Coast spokesperson said these are complete, though launch timing has yet to be confirmed. Last we heard, they were due to launch this spring.

GameSpot has contacted n-Space in an attempt to get more details on why the studio closed and what the future holds for Sword Coast Legends.

Founded in 1994, n-Space worked on numerous ports for Nintendo platforms like DS and Wii, including many Call of Duty games and licensed titles like those based on Olsen twins Mary Kate and Ashley.

Sword Coast Legends was originally released on PC in October 2015; GameSpot's review scored it a 6/10.

"Despite its lack of beauty and bite, Sword Coast Legends nevertheless has things going for it," reviewer Dan Griliopoulos said. "The familiar combat system works, the humor of Hommet helped me survive the quests, there's a huge amount of loot, and the critical path is solid. It may take too long to get into its stride, but it's a useful morsel to tide us over until an actual tabletop roleplay simulator arrives."

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