Switch's Splatoon 2 Splatfest Demo, New Characters Marina/Pearl, And More Details Revealed

Nintendo went over plenty of details on Splatoon 2's new features.


Update: Yesterday's Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct mostly offered an overview of features Nintendo had already revealed for the game. However, there were some noteworthy announcements in the presentation. Here's a rundown of the biggest news:

Nintendo revealed many other tidbits about the team-based shooter during the broadcast. As with the original Splatoon, the company announced it is planning to support the game with free content, such as new stages, weapons, and other gear, for a full year following its release. One new weapon type coming to the game post-launch is the Brella, an umbrella-shaped gun that can fire ink and doubles as a shield when players press and hold the button. Additionally, Nintendo plans to hold regular Splatfests competitions in the game for two years after its release.

Nintendo also reconfirmed that some stages from the first Splatoon will be returning in Splatoon 2. The company had already announced that an updated version of Moray Towers will appear in the game, and during the broadcast it revealed that Port Mackerel will make a comeback as well. We also got a quick glimpse at a new art studio map called Inkblot Art Academy, and one of the stages that will be added to the title as a free update is based on a pirate ship.

As in the first game, weapons in Splatoon 2 are divided into three different categories: Main, Sub, and Special. While there will be returning Main and Sub weapons alongside new ones, all of the Specials in Splatoon 2 are entirely new. Players who participated in the game's Testfire demo back in March already got to try the Tenta Missiles and Inkjet, but Nintendo revealed another new Special called the Baller, an explosive hamster ball that can roll up walls.

There was also a pseudo music video featuring two new characters, Marina and Pearl, with whom the collective internet seems quite taken. For even more information on the upcoming shooter, you can watch the full Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct presentation below.

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Nintendo is airing a new Nintendo Direct today, this one focusing entirely on the upcoming Switch shooter Splatoon 2. The presentation is scheduled to begin at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM BST and can be streamed either from Nintendo's Twitch channel or via the YouTube embed below.

According to the company, today's Nintendo Direct will offer fans a "refresher" on the new features, weapons, and other content coming to the colorful team-based shooter. One such feature is Salmon Run, Splatoon 2's equivalent of a Horde mode that tasks a team of players with collecting eggs while taking on waves of new Salmonid foes. GameSpot got to try the mode during our E3 2017 stage show last month; you can watch additional footage of Salmon Run from the E3 show floor here.

We also know that Splatoon 2 will have an expanded single-player campaign, which Nintendo showcased with a trailer back in May. In this title, players are recruited to battle the resurgent Octarians and find former Squid Sister Callie, who went missing after the final Splatfest in the first Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 launches exclusively for Switch later this month, on July 21. We'll report on all the biggest updates from the broadcast as they're announced, so stay tuned for all the news from today's Nintendo Direct.

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