Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC RPG Battle Chasers Gets Thundercats-Inspired Trailer

New Battle Chasers: Nightwar trailer is from the team behind the animated Castelvania series.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an upcoming video game continuation of the popular '90s comic book series Battle Chasers. The game is a turn-based RPG, and it's now received a new trailer with heavy Thundercats inspirations. The animated short was made by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind Netflix's Castlevania TV series, and shows off a brand new character: Alumon the Devil Hunter. Take a look for yourself above.

In addition to Thundercats, Nightwar's inspirations include Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Phantasy Star. The game is being made by ex-Darksiders developers and the original comic book series' creator, Joe Madureira, at a new studio called Airship Syndicate. Development is partially funded through Kickstarter, but publisher THQ Nordic is also attached to the project, which will ship with new issues of the comic at higher pledge tiers.

"Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a love letter to one of our favorite genres of gaming: the JRPG," Airship Syndicate said in its Kickstarter pitch. "We grew up playing legends like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, and Phantasy Star. While many greats continue to come from Japan, very few western developers are creating them. With your help we're going to change that."

Nightwar takes place in a lost continent called The Grey Line, where "nothing has ever come from, or survived entering." Players take control of a character called Gully and "her unlikely band of adventurers" as they venture into the territory and attempt to find her father, a great hero called Aramus who went into the Grey Line but has not yet returned.

Familiar faces from the Battle Chasers universe such as Garrison, Knolan, and Monika will return. Gameplay is built on many familiar genre pillars such as Active Initiative Bars, Mana, and special abilities.

The dev explains: "The turn-based combat in Battle Chasers is inspired by the great JRPGs of years past, with three major features: the Dual Mana system; an Active Initiative Bar with random buffs and debuffs; and momentum-shifting super attacks called Battle Surges."

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 3, while a Nintendo Switch release is also coming at an as-yet-unknown date. For more, take a look at some gameplay here.

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