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Switch/PS4/Xbox One Versions Of Acclaimed Adventure Game Kentucky Route Zero In The Works

Hop on Route 0.


Kentucky Route Zero is one of the most acclaimed indie games in recent years, but it's been a long time in development. The adventure game's first episode released way back in 2013, while the most recent episode--the fourth--launched in July 2016. According to developer Cardboard Computer, we should see the last episode in 2018--and the studio announced today that it'll release the game on consoles alongside the last installment.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, as it's called, will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It'll include all five episodes as well as all of Cardboard Computer's "interludes"--smaller experiences released over the years that provide background on the game's universe.

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Cardboard Computer hasn't announced a price yet, but it's likely that it'll be comparable to the PC version. You can buy all five episodes of the game on Steam for $25 right now. There's also no word on a specific date, although the studio says that it's targeting early 2018 for launch.

Kentucky Route Zero follows a truck driver, Conway, and his journey down a secret highway in--you guessed it--Kentucky. Don't expect much in the way of involved mechanics or puzzles; the game is way more about atmosphere, ambiance, and storytelling. And at that, it excels. Back when Episode IV was released, critic Justin Clark gave it a 9/10, writing, "Act IV proves the journey is everything, and what people take from and give to each other--even in the most desolate, purgatorial version of America imaginable--still matters."

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