Switch Weekly News Roundup: New Amiibo, What's Really Up With Toad's Head, And More

Oh. Ok.


Short and sweet, this week's Switch news roundup doesn't cover quite as much as Xbox One's or PS4's, but there are still plenty of headlines you won't want to miss. Two new amiibo figures are set to launch soon, and we finally got some answers about what's really up with Toad's head and Mario's missing belly button.

If you're looking to getting a Switch, there's a deal this week that includes two games. And speaking of saving, you might not have to reach for your wallet as often if you're buying from the Eshop. In March, you'll be able to use your gold My Nintendo points towards digital games. Dragon Quest Builders, 2020 Super Baseball, Crazy Climber, Disc Jam, and more are now available on the Eshop.

Forthcoming Releases

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