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Switch Receiving Monkey Island Creators' New Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park

Co-creator Ron Gilbert tweets a video of the game running on the console.


Thimbleweed Park, the point-and-click adventure game from Maniac Mansion creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Gilbert shared a brief video of the game running on the console on Twitter.

Terrible Toybox, the studio behind Thimbleweed Park, was set to make an announcement regarding the title next week. Gilbert had previously expressed interest in bringing the game to Switch, leading many to believe that was the topic of next week's announcement. It appears Gilbert broke the news early with a tongue-in-cheek tweet that offers a "vague, cryptic, puzzling clue" about the announcement and clearly shows him playing the game on the console.

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However, the tweet does go on to mention "multiple Thimbleweed Park console announcements." Thimbleweed Park is already available on Xbox One and PC, with mobile versions confirmed to be on the way later this year, but Gilbert's tweet hints that the game may be coming to other platforms as well.

Thimbleweed Park was initially funded through Kickstarter and is a spiritual successor to the aforementioned Maniac Mansion. The game features retro-styled pixel visuals and five playable characters that players can switch between during the course of the adventure. Gilbert says the game is a deliberate satire of the television series Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and True Detective.

No release date has been announced for the Switch and mobile releases of Thimbleweed Park, but more details will likely be revealed in next week's announcement. The game was well-received when it was initially released; GameSpot gave it 7/10 in our review and called it "a time capsule that reminds us what we love about the point-and-click genre."

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