Switch Exclusive Bravely Default 2 (Not To Be Confused With Bravely Second) Coming Next Year

The new trailer is embedded below.


At The Game Awards 2019, Square Enix announced Bravely Default II, an RPG series scheduled to release sometime in 2020. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer, which can be watched below.

We don't actually get all that much from the trailer--the biggest detail is that this new game is, once again, being done by the folks behind Bravely Default and Octopath Traveller. So if you liked those games, there's a chance you might like this one too. Most of the trailer focuses on shots of certain settings from Bravely Default II, all drawn in the same artistic style seen in its predecessor. That last shot focuses on the four characters likely to be the main protagonists of the game.

Further details have since been shared on Nintendo's website, which promises four-brand new heroes and a new world to explore. Bravely Default composer Revo returns for the soundtrack that will complement your journey to search for four Crystals.

Funnily enough, Bravely Default II is actually the third game in the Bravely Default series, following on the heels of Bravely Second: End Layer--which, based on the title, you might have assumed would have actually been the true second entry in the series. But no, apparently not. Square Enix sure does love its strange naming conventions when it comes to RPGs, doesn't it?

For the most part, the Bravely Default games are your traditional story-driven RPG, with a band of heroes facing off against the forces of evil in turn-based battles. Each character in your party can be evolved in different ways and take on unique roles based on the Jobs you assign them, allowing you to customize your arsenal and grow stronger in a variety of ways. The franchise differentiates itself from its peers with its battle system, which is composed of two types of actions all characters can take: Bravely or Default. Bravely actions cost battle points, but you can use these actions as many times as you want in any given turn until your battle points reach a negative number. You're unable to use a Bravely option again until your battle points reach, at least, zero. If you choose to Default, on the other hand, your battle points increase--but that's the only action you can take that turn. It's a very well-structured risk vs reward system where you have to decide when it's the right time to be brave, so to speak.

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