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Switch 2 Slated For March 2025 Launch - Report

Apparently Nintendo has delayed its next system internally to avoid hardware supply shortages.


Nintendo is reportedly aiming to launch Switch 2 in March 2025. While the company still hasn't officially announced its next system, apparently the hardware was internally delayed from this year to next to avoid any supply issues.

As spotted by VGC, Nikkei has a new report detailing that Nintendo not only wants to beef up the launch lineup, but also the amount of Switch 2 systems initially available. Earlier this month, widespread rumblings suggested Switch 2 was pushed back to early 2025. No specific month was mentioned at the time, but it was noted that the company was looking to ensure the next system had a healthy slate of games ready to go. This timeline shift led to quite a significant stock drop for Nintendo.

Another detail corroborated by Nikkei is that Switch 2 will feature a larger screen than what's available on the current hybrid system. In January, Bloomberg reported that Switch 2 plans to sport an 8-inch LCD screen. There is speculation that Sharp is providing the screens for Nintendo on this next system.

Intriguingly, Switch 2's first reported game comes from Xbox with Hi-Fi Rush. While initially people thought the rhythm-based action game would hit Switch, it was not announced for the system when its PS5 port was revealed. For more, check out everything we know about Switch 2.

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