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Switch 2 Launching This Year With 8-Inch LCD Screen - Report

Nintendo is staying tight-lipped on its next video game system.


While Nintendo still hasn't unveiled a Switch successor, a new report says the company's next system will sport an 8-inch LCD screen and will arrive later this year. That would be the biggest display ever for Nintendo.

Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase is the source behind this latest info for Switch 2, according to Bloomberg. An LCD screen could also be seen as a step backward for Nintendo, since Switch OLED launched in 2021. The upgraded hybrid console features a 7-inch screen, while the original model has a 6.2-inch screen.

This latest info lines up with a report from last year that Sharp was making LCD screens for a new game console. The company was cagey at the time about the collaboration, even apparently taking down presentation slides after the fact. Meanwhile, the most popular PC handheld system just upgraded from LCD screens when Valve unveiled Steam Deck OLED in November.

Earlier this month, analyst Serkan Toto predicted that Switch 2 would be more "iterative" than revolutionary. The founder of consultancy group Kantan Games also believed that the system would launch this year, costing $400.

Late last year, Digital Foundry attempted to build a PC with similar specs to the rumored Switch 2, finding that Death Stranding ran at 1080p at roughly 35 frames per second on the hardware. There have also been reports of Nintendo showing an improved version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the system behind closed doors. However, keep in mind Nintendo hasn't made any official statements about a Switch successor yet.

For more, GameSpot has compiled everything we know about Switch 2.

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