Sweaty Men: Madden 19 To Have Improvements To Perspiration Graphics

Making player sweat look realistic is one area of focus for EA Sports this year.


EA Sports has outlined some of the improvements being made to Madden NFL 19's graphics, and one area of focus this year is on player sweat. This is being done as part of EA's effort to make players look "as real as possible" in gameplay scenarios. Thanks to high-definition cameras, you see player sweat all the time on NFL TV broadcasts, but capturing this sweat has been somewhat lacking in the Madden games of late. It's a good move for Madden 19 to get with the program, as other sports games such as NBA 2K have been making strides in the perspiration department for years now.

EA provided an example of how player sweat looks in Madden 19 with an image of New York Giants standout WR Odell Beckham Jr. Have a look for yourself:

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Last year's Madden 18 was the first title in the series to run on EA's own Frostbite Engine, and that game looked very good. Madden 19 looks like it will go even further. Beyond the new player sweat, EA said it focused on making skin tones and general player likenesses look more true to life. Additionally, EA says it has made advancements towards the amount of detail around the skin and eyes in general for player likenesses in Madden 19.

What's more, there are new player models in Madden 19 that aim to more closely match the real-world players they are based on. "We added new player models to Madden 19 that get us closer than we have ever been to the actual representation of the players currently on the field this year in the NFL," EA said. "This helps Madden deliver an unseen sense of realism to the franchise."

Another area of visual improvement for Madden 19 comes in the form of lighting. Specifics are unclear at this stage, but EA said it has tweaked the lighting to "make things pop and help bring a next-level realism..." Here is an example of what that looks like:

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Madden 19 launches in August for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while a PC edition is also coming for the first time in a decade. The game is not coming to Nintendo Switch, however. In other Madden news, EA Sports told us to that Madden 19 will not address the NFL's controversial new kneeling policy.

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