SWAT 4 gets reinforcements

VU Games announces expansion to PC shooter will be titled The Stetchkov Syndicate and will include seven new levels.



Gamers who have busted down every door and slaughtered every terrorist in VU Games' SWAT 4 got some good news today. The publisher announced the first expansion pack, SWAT 4 – The Stetchkov Syndicate, for the first-person tactical shooter is coming in early 2006. Irrational Games, the team behind SWAT 4, will be back on the reins of the expansion.

The add-on sees crime increasing in the city, with guns and drugs infiltrating the streets. The new wave of nefarious activity is eventually traced back to an Eastern European mafia, and it'll be the SWAT squad's job to stop them.

The new expansion includes seven new multiplayer and single-player levels, new weapons, and new gadgets. The Stetchkov Syndicate also supports in-game voice communication, and features new modes for those who like to play together (a 10-person cooperative mode) and against each other (smash-and-grab multiplayer mode).

SWAT 4 – The Stetchkov Syndicate is rated M for Mature and is awaiting pricing information. To get an idea what SWAT 4 is all about, read GameSpot's full review.

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