Swamp Thing Gets A Horrifying First Trailer

Swamp Thing hits DC Universe on May 31.


Finally, we've gotten a real look at what the upcoming live-action Swamp Thing series on the DC Universe streaming service looks like. After a quick teaser revealed a look at the titular creature itself, the show's first trailer serves as a proper introduction to this very creepy world.

The clip kicks off with a boat full of men getting attacked by... something. What follows is a series of quick cuts and small glimpses of scenes from the series that give an idea of the show's tone. We can also see vines taking over a dead body behind Abby Arcane's (Crystal Reed) back and, in another instance, grabbing the foot of a truly terrified woman.

As with the other live-action shows on DCU--Titans and Doom Patrol--it really looks like Swamp Thing is trying to carve its own path. It just so happens that path veers directly into the horror genre.

GameSpot was able to screen additional footage from the series at a recent DCU fan event and, while the content of the clip shown can't be spoiled, it definitely played heavily into the horror elements of the show--and in ways different from the trailer. What struck me about the footage from the event is how quiet it was. While, from the looks of this clip, there will be plenty of screaming and action in Swamp Thing, it also looks to be a series that's not afraid to let the tension build in silence.

How it will pull that balance off, especially after its episode count was reduced from 13 installments to 10, remains to be seen. Thankfully, you won't have to wait too long. Swamp Thing premieres on DC Universe on May 31.

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