Suzuki discusses Virtua Fighter 4

Sega's Yu Suzuki speaks briefly on his upcoming fighting game.


AM2 director Yu Suzuki recently spoke with Famitsu about his upcoming fighting game, Virtua Fighter 4. The game will include several new characters and costumes. Suzuki could not reveal further details, but he did say that the character faces will be much more detailed and may look as if they have aged since the last game. He also plans to incorporate more-cinematic victory poses using the techniques learned during the development of Shenmue. In terms of the game's fighting system, Suzuki is considering bringing back the button configuration of the first two games in the Virtua Fighter series and removing the escape button. Additionally, Suzuki may tweak the grapple and throw system by varying the throws according to fighter position and distance rather than button combinations. Finally, Suzuki promised that the game's environments will also be improved, as footsteps will be left in the snow and players will actually see the impact as fighters hit the ground.

Virtua Fighter 4 will be released for the Naomi 2 arcade board, and it has also been confirmed for the PlayStation 2. No specific release date for either version has been announced. The game will be shown at the upcoming AOU arcade show in Japan. GameSpot will have full coverage.

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