Suspect arrested in PS4 killing case

San Francisco police arrest the man they believe shot and killed a 22-year-old attempting to sell his PlayStation 4 on Sunday.

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San Francisco authorities on Monday nabbed the man they believe shot and killed a Daly City resident after responding to his online advertisement for a PlayStation 4. 21-year-old Ronnie Collins, of San Francisco, has been jailed on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery, police sergeant Danielle Newman told The San Francisco Chronicle.

Collins allegedly shot the victim--22-year-old Ikenna Uwakah--multiple times when they met up around 3:30 pm. on Sunday at Mendell Street and Galvez Avenue.

Uwakah and his girlfriend drove to the meet-up location together, authorities said. Once there, the killer shot Uwakah while he was still in his car, before fleeing the scene, a police spokesperson said. Uwakah was transported to San Francisco General Hospital where he later died.

It was initially reported that Collins took the PS4 after allegedly killing Uwakah, though police officials have not explained the attempted robbery charge in any detail.

The PS4 launched in North America on November 15 and has become a hot item since, with many retailers selling through their stock. Just today, Sony announced that the system has sold 2.1 million consoles worldwide, following its launch in Europe last week.

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