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Surviving Mars Adds Trains, Cosmetics, And Music On April 28

Surviving Mars is getting three content creator packs later this month.


Red planet tourism simulator Surviving Mars will have three content creator packs added to it, which all launch on April 28. The first one, Martian Express, gives players the resources to build trains anywhere on the Martian surface and was created by modders Lucian "LukeH" Hada and Sylvain "Silva" Maupetit.

The second content drop, the Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack, adds 10 terrestrial building skins that can be applied to your colony. The final drop is Revelation Radio, which adds approximately 70 minutes of music from four different artists across 16 songs.

Pricing for each pack differs, but here's what you can expect to pay for each of the new content creator drops:

  • Martian Express -- $7
  • Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack -- $5
  • Revelation Radio -- $4

In case you missed it when it first came out, Surviving Mars applies real-world science to its simulation gameplay. Each puzzle in the game has a solution to it grounded in realistic science, as well as consequences for messing up.

"Surviving Mars, above else, is about hope. So many strategy games hold to their gameplay, eschewing any overarching themes or messages," Daniel Starkey wrote in GameSpot's Surviving Mars review. "But, as corny as it sounds, for those who believe in the majesty of spaceflight, for those who are keen to marvel at how pernicious our plucky little species can be, Surviving Mars is SimCity with soul."

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