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Survive A Plane Crash With Your Therapy Robot In Arctic Awakening, Coming In 2022

This narrative-driven adventure game will be episodic.


Developer GoldFire Studios has revealed its next game: Arctic Awakening. This first-person episodic narrative-driven adventure game is scheduled to launch for PC, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2022.

In Arctic Awakening, you play as Kai, a pilot who's been issued a court-mandated therapy companion named Alfie. On a routine trip over the Arctic, a sudden storm destroys your plane, separating you from your co-pilot Donovan and stranding you without a means of calling for help. Alfie survives the crash too, acting as a voice of reason as you track down Donovan and try to find a way home.

"Kai is desperate to find Donovan, but the AI drone isn't about to just let him wander off into a blizzard without first starting a fire," Goldfire Studios director James Simpson said during 2021's Future Games Show Spring Showcase. "Part of Alfie's job is never letting Kai out of his sight, and this tends to get under Kai's skin."

As seen in the trailer for Arctic Awakening, the game is choice-driven, with your actions resulting in different consequences. Your dynamic with Alfie will change depending on how you interact with him. While struggling to survive and find Donovan, you'll also discover that there's more to the story as to why your plane suddenly split in two.

Arctic Awakening is currently available to add to your wishlist on Steam.

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