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Survey with Classics Lunar and Grandia Hint at Possible Future Releases or Re-Releases

Could we be getting new titles from Game Arts?


Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America launched a questionnaire this morning surveying fan interest in IPs developed by Game Arts, including role-playing series Grandia, Lunar, and more.

The survey, available here, asks the basics up front: which platforms you use, where you find your video game news, and what game genres are your favorites. Several questions specifically reference PC ports, namely which PC digital distribution service you prefer and what new features are most important to you when purchasing updated ports of game.

Game Arts, which became a GungHo subsidiary in 2004, may be best known for its work on RPGs like the Lunar and Grandia series. The studio also produced the mech-focused Gungriffon series, and most recently in 2012, puzzle title Dokuro. GungHo could be testing the waters with this survey to gauge fan interest in these games, possibly paving the way for remastered ports or new franchise titles.

In recent years, GungHo has brought Game Arts' original Grandia, Lunar: Silver Star Story and Ragnarok Odyssey to PlayStation Network for Sony’s current consoles.

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