Surprise Planetary Annihilation Standalone Expansion Revealed, Released Today

Giant new units, an improved tutorial and single-player mode, and more.


Uber Entertainment today made a surprise announcement: Planetary Annihilation: Titans is a new, standalone expansion for Planetary Annihilation, and it's now available on PC.

Titans builds on the foundation of Planetary Annihilation. This is still a large-scale real-time strategy game that takes place across multiple planets (which can, on occasion, be destroyed with huge lasers or asteroids that you or an enemy strap engines to). Titans' primary new feature is its namesake: new Titan-class units that are much larger than anything found in PA.

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Titans aren't the only addition, though; there are also other new units, multi-level terrain, an improved tutorial, and an enhanced single-player Galactic War mode.

As a standalone expansion, this is a game you can pick up and play without owning Planetary Annihilation. It costs $40 on Steam, but those who already own PA can pick it up for 66 percent off. Even better, those who supported PA through its original Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 get Titans for free.

If you're a backer with your Steam account linked to your PlayFab account, you should already see it in your library. Alternatively, a Kickstarter update says you can find a key in your PlayFab account that lets you play the game through its dedicated launcher.

Among Uber's staff are individuals who worked on classic RTS Total Annihilation, hence the influence on PA. Uber is also the developer of Monday Night Combat and the upcoming Wayward Sky.

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