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Surprise PC Release Of Acclaimed PS4 Game Rez Infinite Out Now On Steam

The classic Dreamcast/PS2 game arrives on PC for the first time.


Rez Infinite, the updated and enhanced version of the classic rhythm-based shooter, is no longer exclusive to PlayStation 4. As of today, it's available for PC on Steam.

This marks the first time Rez--which originally launched for Dreamcast and PS2 in 2001--has been released on PC. But as was the case when it launched on PS4 last year, Rez Infinite is also the best way to play the game. Most significantly, it includes a brand-new stage called Area X. While still the same kind of shooter as the rest of the game, it was built from scratch for Infinite and affords players more freedom in their ability to move and navigate the world.

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Optional VR support--which is quite spectacular--also makes the transition to PC, with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive supported. Infinite also features enhanced visuals and audio with support for 4K. The PC version supports some enhancements beyond the PS4 release, featuring "double the textures of PS4 with additional graphics settings such as rendering resolution, texture quality, anti-aliasing (MSAA - Classic Rez / FXAA - Area X), and texture filtering (Trilinear or ANISO)."

We loved Infinite when it was released last year, as you can read about in our Rez Infinite review. We've since gotten to check out the PC version and remain impressed.

Rez Infinite is out now on Steam, where it will regularly sell for $25/£20. From now until August 16, however, it's discounted to $20/£16.

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