Surgeon Simulator Touch out on iPad for $6

Botch new eye transplants and oral surgeries on the go.


Surgeon Simulator 2013

The gruesome, hilarious Surgeon Simulator is out now on the iTunes App Store for $6/ £3.99.

Just as in the PC version, in Surgeon Simulator Touch you’ll play as the terribly inept surgeon Nigel Burke, badly performing all kinds of surgeries to save the life of poor patient Bob.

The most important difference between the PC and iPad version is the new control method. Nigel’s hand that was controlled with a mouse is gone and replaced by touch controls, allowing you to manipulate multiple scalpels at a time with your fingers. Judging by the trailer, it seems like there’s also a new system in place that allows you to set the trajectory of your tools for more powerful maneuvers, like when you need to crack open Bob’s ribcage with a hammer.

In addition to the familiar heart and kidney transplants, you’ll also perform oral surgery and eye transplants. Similar to the PC version’s more challenging ambulance level, the iPad version also lets you operate while Bob is on a moving hospital bed.

Our review of Surgeon Simulator 2013 found that it is a game that defies logic, but an absolute joy to play and fail at.

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