Surgeon Simulator headed to iPad

Bossa Studios announced that it has been working on a tablet version of Surgeon Simulator.

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A new video developer Bossa Studios has posted to YouTube reveals that a version of Surgeon Simulator is "coming soon to an iPad near you..."

Note that Bossa did not call it Surgeon Simulator 2013 (or 2014), as it's called on PC. The title of the video is also "Shh, I Dentist Now," suggesting the iPad version of the game will focus on orthodontic surgery. The short glimpse we get of the game in the video (before the developer shoos us away), shows the patient up close with his mouth wide open, which also suggests that the tablet version the game will let you malpractice dentistry.

A slightly different take on the game makes sense for the iPad's touch controls. On the PC, Surgeon Simulator 2013 relies so heavily on mouse and keyboard controls, it's hard to imagine the game without them.

Our review of Surgeon Simulator 2013 found that it is a game that defies logic, but an absolute joy to play and fail at. You can watch our video review below and find the teaser video for the iPad version on YouTube.

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