Supreme Commander Profile Preview - Cybran Nation Units and Structures

We take a look at the military units and structures of the Cybran Nation, one of the three playable factions in this highly anticipated real-time strategy game.


Supreme Commander

Over the past month, we've been examining the factions of Supreme Commander, the upcoming real-time strategy game from THQ and Gas Powered Games that was our Best Strategy Game of the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Supreme Commander wants to put the strategy back into real-time strategy by giving you the room to maneuver armies and navies like never before. To do so, it will feature battlefields that are hundreds of square kilometers in size. Due out in 2007, the game is set in the distant future, where three human factions war for galactic supremacy. One of these factions is the Cybran Nation, a society of cybernetically enhanced humans.

The Cybran Nation would like a word with you.
The Cybran Nation would like a word with you.

The Cybran Nation doesn't have the military might or the numbers of the United Earth Federation or the Aeon Illuminate. As a result, the Cybrans rely more on guile and stealth rather than firepower. Advanced technologies such as electromagnetic pulse devices (that knock out enemy electronics) and subatomic weapons also help level the playing field. Cybran war machines incorporate stealth and cloaking technology--as their sleek, black designs would indicate--making them perfect for conducting surprise attacks.

Cybran Nation Units and Structures

Naval Factory
Naval Factory

Strategic Bomber
The strategic bomber can rapidly deliver firepower anywhere it's needed on the battlefield. It's almost twice as large as the UEF's attack bomber.
Width: 48m
Height: 10.76m
Length: 37.34m

Naval Factory v1.5
When the Cybrans need ships built, they turn to their naval factories to churn them out. A naval factory is large enough to construct the mighty Cybran battleship.
Width: 203.19m
Height: 335.84m
Length: 259.39m

Flak Artillery
Flak Artillery

Power Generator
Energy is one of the two key resources in Supreme Commander, and the power generator is how the Cybrans get it.
Width: 18.55m
Height: 38.09m
Length: 17.64m

Flak Artillery
Air defense is important--hence the flak artillery gun, which can ruin an enemy pilot's day.
Width: 17.68m
Height: 18.46m
Length: 24.59m

Short Range Sonar Buoy
Short Range Sonar Buoy

Light Artillery Cannon
Artillery can fire over long distances in Supreme Commander, which makes weapons such as the light artillery cannon very valuable.
Width: 23.05m
Height: 29.18m
Length: 48.06m

Short Range Sonar Buoy
The short range sonar buoy is capable of detecting underwater threats, such as enemy submarines. These are useful to have, especially since the UEF has a potent, submersible aircraft carrier.
Width: 14.09m
Height: 24.63m
Length: 12.32m

Mobile Flak Artillery
Mobile Flak Artillery

Engineer v1.3
The four-wheeled engineer is a fast build unit on the battlefield.
Width: 8.43m
Height: 7.66m
Length: 8.92m

Mobile Flak Artillery
Antiaircraft fire is useful only if it can protect important assets. The mobile flak artillery unit can extend the antiaircraft protection bubble to Cybran units in the field.
Width: 17.47m
Height: 13.49m
Length: 21.02m


Siege Assault Bot
The siege assault bot is comparable to the UEF's siege assault bot. These giant war machines are designed to carve through enemy defenses.
Width: 24.26m
Height: 26.75m
Length: 35.07m

Sleek and sinister, the Cybran battleship provides naval firepower in spades.
Width: 78.48m
Height: 69.42m
Length: 246.39m

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