Supreme Commander preorder details

"Mission briefing" featuring game's lead designer Chris Taylor to sweeten preorder deal; game due on shelves in just under a week.


Supreme Commander

Publisher THQ has revealed details surrounding the special-edition DVD that will accompany preorders of Supreme Commander, which recently went gold at Redmond, Washington-based developer Gas Powered Games.

The DVD will come packaged with a collectible lenticular postcard with a message from GPG frontman Chris Taylor, a video "mission briefing" starring Taylor, a video documentary about the game's development, three original audio music tracks from the game, and various art assets, including a fan-site kit and desktop "wallpaper" graphics.

For those who do preorder, the bonus materials will be available immediately--the game itself will arrive when Supreme Commander begins shipping next week. The game carries a suggested retail price of $49.99, including all preorder goodies.

Despite being an original intellectual property, Supreme Commander is considered to be the spiritual successor to another classic strategy game Taylor designed: 1997's Total Annihilation. Like that game, Supreme Commander takes place in a sci-fi world at war, with futuristic factions that command powerful, experimental military units pitted against one another.

The new game attempts to embrace the same sense of large-scale strategy as its predecessor by supporting huge land-and-sea battles and a 3D engine that can be zoomed all the way out to an abstract map view.

The game is scheduled for release on February 20. For more information on Supreme Commander, consult our previous coverage of the game.

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