Supreme Commander Feature Preview - UEF Units and Structures

We've got info on some of the units and buildings that the United Earth Federation uses in Supreme Commander.


Supreme Commander

With its unprecedented scale and intense combat, Supreme Commander should be one of the biggest real-time strategy games of 2007. With battlefields that are thousands of square kilometers in size, Supreme Commander should let you feel like a real general commanding fast-moving armies, navies, and air forces. The game is set in the distant future, with three human factions waging a centuries-long war against one another. One of these factions is the United Earth Federation, the direct descendent of the Earth Empire. As such, the UEF wants to reunite humanity under a single government. We've already looked at the UEF's history and characters. Now we continue our look at the UEF by examining some of the faction's military units and structures.

UEF Units and Structures

Attack Bomber
Attack Bomber
Attack Bomber
Thanks to their speed and mobility, attack bombers are capable of projecting firepower anywhere on the battlefield.
Width: 26m
Height: 6m
Length: 25m

Air Transport
The air transport can transport a horde of ground units to any point on the battlefield. The transport can also be used as a pseudo gunship, thanks to the fact that ground units hang outside the transport, allowing them to fire on targets below.
Width: 35m
Height: 20m
Length: 157m


Though not as quick as the attack bombers, the gunship is designed to provide close-air support to ground units.
Width: 21m
Height: 13m
Length: 32m

Power Turbine
The power turbine is the basic way for the UEF to generate energy, one of the two key resources in the game.
Width: 16m
Height: 14m
Length: 16m

Fusion Reactor
Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor
The fusion reactor is larger and more powerful than the power turbine, and it represents a more advanced way of generating power.
Width: 56m
Height: 38m
Length: 56m

Fusion Reactor Array
The most powerful form of energy generation is the fusion reactor array. It's also almost twice as large as the regular fusion reactor, though.
Width: 98m
Height: 69m
Length: 98m

Light Artillery Installation
Light Artillery Installation

Light Artillery Installation
Though immobile, the light artillery installation is capable of hurling shells across long distances. It's best to put these in a well-defended position.
Width: 32m
Height: 45m
Length: 63m

SAM Launcher
The twin missile launchers on the SAM launcher make it easy to identify. This is one of your best defenses against aerial attack.
Width: 24m
Height: 34m
Length: 24m

Radar Array
Radar Array

Radar Array
The radar array is a basic sensor, capable of giving any commander a bird's eye view of the battlefield around the array.
Width: 21m
Height: 65m
Length: 21m

Siege Assault Bot
As one of the UEF's secret weapons, the siege assault bot is designed to crush enemy defenses. At 27 meters in height, it's as tall as a three-story building.
Width: 23m
Height: 27m
Length: 30m


One of the UEF's advanced naval vessels, the destroyer is capable of pummeling any opponent with its multiple weapon systems.
Width: 19m
Height: 34m
Length: 116m

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