Superstars head to 360 Madden

EA announces superstar mode for Madden NFL 07 on Microsoft's new console; will differ slightly from current-gen counterparts.


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When Madden NFL 06 was released for the Xbox 360 at the system's launch, it was the first and only next-gen football game on the market. However, bringing one of the most successful franchises to the next generation wasn't exactly a successful opening drive, as it generally scored lower than other console versions.

Jimmy Powers--the next Chunky Soup spokesman?
Jimmy Powers--the next Chunky Soup spokesman?

This was in part due to the limited features of the game. Whereas minicamp games and a superstar mode added depth to the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 versions, the Xbox 360 edition had only a shallow franchise mode as an extra. That won't be the case in the 360's sophomore edition of the franchise, as EA Tiburon today revealed the first details of the next-gen superstar mode.

In case you missed it last year, the mode lets gamers take a created player through the rigors of developing into an NFL Pro-Bowler. The mode won't be a carbon copy of other Madden NFL 07 superstar modes--on the 360 it will have its own next-gen spins, including more emphasis on on-field performance, and the addition of an agent as the hub of activity.

The presentation of the game will also change according to which position the player has chosen. As a wide receiver, the player and the camera will line up on the outside; pick an offensive lineman and see the action from the trenches. Play-calling is left to the coach, and performing on the gridiron adds points to gamers' characters--the aim of the mode is to make players feel as though they are their created character.

For more on superstar mode, rush over to Brian Ekberg's in-depth preview. Madden NFL 07 for the Xbox 360 is expected to be available in late August and will retail for $59.99.

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