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Superstar cosplayer Alodia is heading to PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con and we got all the details!

Read about our interview with the superstar.

(Produced in partnership with ReedPOP) In case you missed it, Alodia Gosiengfiao, celebrity cosplayer and YouTuber boasting over a million subscribers, is heading to PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con! She's headlining an exciting programme line-up at the event - alongside a whole host of regional gaming personalities from Southeast Asia heading to the PVP Esports zone.

Fans can look forward to hearing from Alodia on how she got started in the gaming and esports space on her onstage panel at 2:30pm on 8 December, before meeting her in person at a fan meet-and-greet for a coveted selfie! We got the opportunity to ask her some questions ourselves, so you can talk about more important things when you meet her.

GameSpot: Congratulations on getting your Gold Play Button! What have you done with it? (besides dropping it on camera)?

Alodia: Thanks so much! I started to display it, but I'm keeping it in its plastic casing so that it won’t get new scratches hehe!

GS: Acting, Streaming, Cosplaying, you do a bit of everything. Which do you prefer?

Alodia: It’s really all about time management and how much you can do in a day. No dilly-dallying, and more often than not I multi-task so I can hit all birds with one stone. Of course, my first loves are gaming/streaming and cosplaying!

GS: Who is your favourite character in any media? Why?

Alodia: My favourite character? Well at the moment, I really love Tracer from Overwatch because of her quirkiness and style! I love her bright colours!

GS: How do you get ideas of who to cosplay?

Alodia: Normally, it would be based on characters from the video games I play. But sometimes, my friends recommend a character to me if they think I fit that certain character.

GS: What do you think is more important in cosplay, the accuracy of a costume or making the costume fun?

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Alodia: Actually both! I always enjoy making parts of my costume, especially learning new ways how to craft, something taught to me by my cosplay friends.

GS: You're heading to PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con, so Manga or Comics?

Alodia: Oh! I like both because of their style of art! They are very distinct!

GS: You’re coming to Singapore soon; Singapore is famous for their Singlish. What do you think about Singlish in general?

Alodia: It’s actually cute! Because in the Philippines, we also have something called “Taglish” Tagalog + English! “How na?” it means, “How then/now?”

GS: Is there any food that you are eager to try in Singapore?

Alodia: I miss the stingray! I had it once or twice and it’s really good!

GS: Do you have anything you are looking forward to most at PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con?

Alodia: Yes, I really can’t wait to witness the Esports Scene in Singapore. It’s really different to be immersed and within the midst of fellow gamers rooting for their favourite team!

GS: What advice would you give to aspiring streamers in Southeast Asia who want to make it big?

Alodia: Just to find a game they love, because then it wouldn’t feel like 3-5hours if you play it! Then improve on playing as well! Like for example, mastering strategies, enhancing your reflexes and aim.

GS: Is there anything you would like to say to fans waiting to meet you at Singapore Comic Con?

Alodia: I’m really excited to meet everyone in the community there in Singapore! I would love to get to know fellow gamers and see the works of fellows cosplayers as well!

It's awesome that she's pumped to check out the esports scene, and PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con is the perfect place to do it! There are also panels, freeplay areas and more going down over the weekend, and tickets for the show are available at www.singaporecomiccon.com. For more information, check out www.pvpesports.gg!

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